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Letters From Stardust – December

December 1–4 (Wednesday – Saturday)

Dang, the rain is back!! We were going to leave today to go touring with Len and Ellen for three days, but now it is a no go!! The really tough part was that I fed a crowd last night so that I could clean out the fridge and now I have to go shopping…..if it will stop raining long enough to row to shore.

On Wednesday afternoon it cleared enough that Ellen and I were able to go run around and get all her work permit stuff ready to mail. Golly what a process, I think maybe I will just stay retired!!! We got back to the boat just as the rain started again.

And then it didn’t quit!! The rain that is!! We got soaked just stepping back and forth between our boats. We managed a trip to go grocery shopping and then we just hibernated. Ellen and I worked on our craft stuff, she quilted and I cross-stitched. The boys napped, read, bailed the dinghies out, and napped some more.  And of course we all ate and gabbed!!!

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