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Letters From Stardust – September

September 22, 2004 (Wednesday)

All that time with the officials yesterday on the boat and we are still not completely checked in. We have to walk to the third village to pay our fees. There are three villages all together and they run along the lagoon side of island. We put on our walking shoes and headed in for the forty-five minute walk to the last village. We had been told that the kids would be coming out to greet us in search for “lollies” and that was an understatement. They are pretty darn persistent, and the bigger ones are rather pushy about the whole thing. Luckily about fifteen minutes into the walk a pickup stopped and picked us up and hauled us the rest of the way. Luck was also on our side because the first three fees we needed to pay and fill out more papers for where all taken care of by the same delightful young lady. Our last stop to hand over pa’anga (money) was at the health center. Once we finished up we walked, this time all the way back to the harbor. We didn’t encounter to many kids because they were in school. Burned the heck out of my nose!!!

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